ALPI V2 3D Printer


ALPI V2 series of 3D Printers are capable of printing high quality with Accurate repeatability without compromising on performance which makes it one of the most innovative and relabel in the market ALPI V2 3D Printers comes with a heated bed of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm in all X, Y, Z axis

Basic Model

ALPI Basic 3D Printers enables us to 3D Print with high performance and reliability with high quality swappable nozzle in a sturdy metallic chamber

Advanced Model

Print strong and engineering materials with a powerful integrated heated chamber such as Nylon, PC, PEET-G etc and easy to control remotely


ALPI V2 3D Printer

Sl No Specifications Basic Advanced
1 Model Number SB200 SA200
2 Printing Technology FDM/FFF FDM/FFF
3 Printable Volume 200×200×200mm 200×200×200mm
4 Built Speed 10- 40mm3/s 10- 40mm3/s
5 Nozzle Temperature 140-260°C 140-280°C 140-260°C 140-280°C
6 Built plate Temperature 40-90°C 40-100°C
7 Printable Materials ABS, PLA, PLA+Pro's, PETG ABS, PLA, PLA+Pro’s, PETG, ABS Tough.
8 Layer resolutions 50-400μm* 50-400μm*
9 Position Resolution (X,Y,Z) 12.5x12,5x2.5 Microns 12.5x12,5x2.5 Microns
10 Built Plate Passive Heated levelling Automatic heated levelling
11 Built Type Cartesian Acrylic built Core XY Metal Built
12 Number of Extruders 1 1
13 Nozzle Diameter 0.2- 1mm (Swappable) 0.2- 1mm (Swappable)
14 Interface LCD Screen Touch Screen
15 Filament Sensor N/A Yes
16 Connectivity SD Card, SD Card, USB
17 Noise level Less than 55 dB level Less than 55 dB
18 File Type STL, G-Code STL, G-Code
19 Power Input 220V AC, 50-60Hz 220V AC, 50-60Hz
20 Operating ambient temperature 5-35°C. 10-90%RH 5-35°C. 10-90%RH
21 Storage temperature -25°C to +55°C. 10-90%RH -25°C to +55°C. 10-90%RH
22 Certification CE Certified CE Certified
23 Waranty Warnanty 1 Year, Extendable Warnanty 1 Year, Extendable