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We 3D Print your design into Reality. We provide commercial FDM 3D printing and rapid prototyping cloud services in India. We provide India’s largest 3D Prototyping- built volume and can print any model from simple to complex.
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Printing Resolution Along with Time Required

We Print in the Following Filaments

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Sl NoMaterialPropertiesApplications
1PLAStrength: High | Flexibility: Low | Durability: MediumPrototype parts, Models, low-wear toys and Containers
2ABSStrength: High | Flexibility: Medium | Durability: HighTool handles, automotive trim components, and electrical enclosures.
3TPUStrength: Medium | Flexibility: Very High| Durability: Very HighAutomotive instrument panels, sporting goods, power tools, medical devices, footwear, drive belts, inflatable rafts, extruded film, and sheet applications
4PET-GStrength: High| Flexibility: Medium | Durability: HighUse for functional objects which might experience sustained or sudden stress, such as mechanical parts, printer parts, and protective components.
5NYLONStrength: High | Flexibility: High | Durability: HighUsed to create tools, functional prototypes, or mechanical parts (like hinges, buckles, or gears)
6CARBON FIBERHigh structural strength and low density, carbon fiber is a fantastic candidate for mechanical componentsHigh structural strength mechanical components, Strong and lightweight material, ideal for functional applications
7PCStrength: Very High| Flexibility: Medium | Durability: Very HighFunctional prototyping, tooling and small-batch end-use parts that need to withstand small shocks and impacts are a good fit for PC
8PPPolypropylene (PP) is tough and has a good fatigue resistance, flexible, light, chemically resistant and food-safeUsed in storage and packaging applications,including engineering plastics, food packaging, textiles.
9ASAStrong, rigid, and relatively easy to print with, ASA is also extremely resistant to chemical exposure, heat, and most importantlyUse for Automotive exterior parts, Outdoor electronics housings, Exterior signage
10HIPSHIPS as a support material limits you to printing your actual part from ABSHIPS 3D printing filament is a good all-rounder for parts that need to stand up to wear and tear or for projects that require a finishing-friendly material to achieve the end look
11PVAPolyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is soluble in water, PVA filament is a great choice as a support material on complex prints with overhangs.PVA filament is a great choice as a support material on complex prints with overhangs.

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