Printer Filaments

3D Printer Filaments

Material Usage Properties Printing Temperature Bed Temperature
PLA Food containers, such as candy wrappers,biodegradable medical implants,models, prototype parts Odorless, Low-warp,Eco-Friendly, Less energy to process 190-210°C 40-60°C
ABS Legos, instruments, sports equipment,Objects that might be dropped,car phone mounts, phone cases,toys, wedding rings Making durable parts that need to withstand higher temperatures.Easy to print with, strong plastic 210-250°C 80-110°C
PETG Protective components like phone cases and mechanical parts that require flexibility.Food containers like cups and plates. Extremely durable and prints without odor.Has superior impact resistance Low shrinkage, no warping and not brittle. 210-245°C 70-90°C
HIPS costumes, models, miniature figurines,prototyping Biodegradable, Great 3D Support material 220°C-230°C 50°C-60°C